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We will custom build solid beam trusses to your specifications. These trusses will bring a feeling of permanance to a room like nothing else can. Made from your choice of species, including antique heart pine, we hand fit these beams together and make mortise and tenon timberframed joints that are then doweled together. This ageless method of building trusses provides a strong and beautiful structure.

Trusses made by CGI from 100 year old Antique Heart Pine

The trusses featured here are made of 100+ year old antique heart pine. The beams for these trusses were milled to 7.5" X 11" and planed by us from 11" X 17" Antique Heart Pine beams that were originally 25' long and taken from a Cotton Mill in South Carolina. We worked with the contractor and home owner to make trusses designed by the architect for this trophy room. We sourced the beams, denailed them and resawed them to size and planed themHip Joint at each end of  trophy room. Then, we cut them to length and mortised and tenoned them together, finally dowel pinning the joints. We then transported them to the site and oversaw the installation of the trusses.

The trusses are 21' in length and feature hip beams at each end which come together with in a compound mitered joint at each end.

These beams were filled in between with pecky cypress Tongue and Groove paneling.


Closeup of center joints in Antique Heart Pine Trusses by CGIThe whole truss structure was assembled at the shop before transporting to the job site, insuring a good fit before the beams ever left the ground.

Click here to view a full gallery of the truss project.

These beams are an integral part of a trophy room designed to provide a suitable visual setting for the displaying of mounts on the walls beneath the exposed beams. (Of course, as far as we are conerned, these 100 year old beams are trophies themselves!)


Species of beams we work with for truss projects include: 100+ year old antique heart pine beams, White Oak Beams, Southern Yellow Pine, Cypress, and Eastern Red Cedar.

Pricing is by the board foot or by the job. Call us for a quote on your next truss project!

Another Truss Project:
Antique Heart Pine Truss being lifted into place on house in Columbus, MS

This project is the longest truss we have made to date, being a total of 30' long. We had quite a hard time locating the beams for this project, as solid beams 31' long are hard to come by. Plus the equipment to mill such long beams is not available everywhere either. We found the beams and modified our equipment to mill these beams to the specifications provided by the home owner.


Connection cross section of the top joint of the trussMade from 13" X 17" Antique Heart Pine Beams 32' long and milled to 7" X 11" beams with smaller cross struts, these beams were then mortised and tenoned together and pinned using oak dowels. This photo shows the detailed center joint with the king post tenon before connecting it all together. Drilling Joints for inserting Oak dowels to hold joints together



We can also do truss components, as shown in the photo to the right. We cut the beams and truss cross members to the contractor's specifications for this natural Eastern Red Cedar exposed truss for this front entrance to a home in Columbus, MS. We band-sawed these truss components, including the corbels and the contractor installed them on-site.

We sourced the cedar for this project from a local landowner, cut the logs to length, and milled them to the 10"X10" beams and the smaller truss components and corbels. We were able to select the best logs for this project by going right to the logs in the field. Finding Eastern Red Cedar logs of this size and quality is not easy to do in this area..


Corbels enhance structural beams by adding stability to the project as well as adding an archetectural flair.

The corbels for this project were band-sawn on CGI's unique beam sawing system, producing a smooth sawn finish in big timber.

Species available for Corbels:

  • Antique Heart Pine
  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Cypress
  • Eastern Red Cedar.
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Treated Southern Yellow Pine

Note: Some species will tend to split more than others, such as white and red oak. Others are more suited for outdoor applications.

We can use your design to make your corbels or provide a pattern such as the one shown. We can use your wood, or source the type of wood you need for your project.

Whatever your truss requirements for exposed beam trusses, call us to discuss your needs. We will work with you to determine the best exposed beam system for you, and help source the wood you desire for your project. Call us to get a quote started for your project!