Mantels are special pieces of wood or stone that cap off a fireplace and provide a focal point for a room. These wood pieces range from rustic and rough, to ornately finished. Sometimes they include side pieces that wrap the entire fireplace opening, or just a “floating” shelf above it. We specialize in the rougher forms of mantels, though we can produce more finished versions, as you will see in the photo gallery.

We can especially provide white oak and red oak mantels, which have a long history of being a preferred choice for household mantels. These hardwoods can provide a historic, strong, and timeless presence to this special part of your home.

Here are some considerations when looking for a mantel. What is the overall look you are wanting? Is it rustic or formal? Supported via corbels or floating(seemingly unsupported)? Large – such as a large beam, or more custom size? Width – such as how wide of an object do you hope to place on it? Length – how wide is the fireplace and how wide do you want it to extend beyond the fireplace on both sides?

Oak Mantel for sale on ETSY

We will be glad to discuss these considerations with you and can provide a quote based on your needs. Just email us at or call us at 601-668-9697 to discuss your needs.