More than an arbor, Pergolas are permanent architectural structures which portray
strength and beauty. Pergolas, can provide a quiet place to escape close
to home – a place to enjoy the beauty of nature in a structured environment.
Order custom built
Pergolas of any size and specie. We can provide the milling only or we
can install them as well. We specialize in Pergolas of massive beams,
rather than the 2 X material commonly found in outdoor structures.
Pergola featured here is a custom project that involved local white oak
beams with patterns on the ends. The Pergola has a 12 X 30 coverage, with
an 8 X 26 footprint. The Pergola also has a concrete pad a little bigger
than the overhang of the structure.
The massive beams
are of local white oak, milled by us and notched together for installation
The sizes of the components
are as follows:

  • 6X6″ Metal
    Post with 12 X 12 Base plate – 4 leveling bolts embedded in concrete
  • 16″ Styrofoam
    columns fitted around metal posts with plaster over mesh over foam
  • 8″ X 12″
    X 10′ solid Native White Oak Lintels/beams (3 joined together makes
    one side)
  • 6″ X 10″
    X 12′ solid Native White Oak rafters
  • 2″ X 4″
    solid Native White Oak purlins

Species of beams
we work with include: 100+ year old antique heart pine beams, White Oak
Beams, Southern Yellow Pine, and Eastern Red Cedar.

Pricing is by the
board foot or by the job. Call us for a quote on your next beam project!

More pictures
of the Pergola project:
View from underneath
walkway – click for larger view. Notice the white oak Tongue and Groove
V-match ceiling. (This is covered with a rubber roofing material and trimmed
in copper)
The 6X6 white oak
beams were custom milled from local trees and timber-framed together to
match the architect’s drawing. The 2X8 rafter’s were band sawn into the
pattern to match the pergola in the back yard.
Whiteoak timberframed walkway in Columbus, MS(above) – note that ends of lintels and rafters match pergola. Pergola is sited in line with the middle of this walkway.
The ends of the
lintels and rafters were band sawn to the pattern shown. We can put whatever
pattern you desire on the ends.(within limits of course- 8″ white
oak is not an easy to material to put a fancy pattern on)
The lintels are made
up of 3 – 8″ X 12″ X 10′ white oak beams. They are fastened
together with a dovetail lap joint. The rafters are notched onto the lintels
and secured in place with galvinized nails. The purlins are nailed on.
perola was lifted into place with a large crane. The heavy lintels placed
atop the metal posts and bolted into place. Then the rafters were lifted
into place.
Dovetail Lap Joints
connect the lintel beams. Two wood bolts hold these together from the
Rafters(cross beams)
are notched into place and secured with galvinized nails.

Purlins(top strips)
are nailed into place.

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