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Antique Heart Pine Flooring milled by CGI and Installed in a Central Alabama HomeFlooring is another specialty of ours, providing custom flooring for that special room in your home, or even for the whole house. We work with you to find just the right wood for your project, and mill the lumber to your specifications. We have several products that are not found in flooring stores, such as random widths, mixed species, and authentic antique heart pine. We are also working on a new flooring technique known only in the Scandinavian countries that involve a special way of milling that is unique and produces a memorable floor.Another thing that is hard to find in mass produced flooring is character. We can help you select for character in your flooring, emphasizing knots, defects, grain patterns, or historic markings in antique wood, if desired.

Antique Heart Pine Flooring  with High Gloss Finish
Closeup of Antique Heart Pine Flooring Installation

  For those who are trying to match an existing wood floor in your home, we can source that for you, and mill it to your specifications. We have access to high quality red oak, white oak, hickory, and Antique Heart Pine that make beautiful flooring.

We have even produced flooring from Red Cedar!

When selecting a floor for your home, there are several things to consider:

  • Wood Specie
  • Finish
  • Width
  • Square footage
  • Installation

We can help you work through these considerations, providing samples of flooring in various species and widths, and provide examples of the various woods for your consideration.


We will mill your lumber or ours to flooring of your specifications. If you
don’t know what specs you want, we will help you determine that based on the look of the flooring you desire.

The specifications need to include:

  • Specie
  • Type of Flooring
    (nail or glue down, T&G or straight sides)
  • Width of face
  • Random width or
    all the same, or mixture of widths
  • Lengths – Random
    or certain lengths
  • Amount of character
    desired – such as knots left in or cut out, historic markings left or
    taken out
  • Moisture Content
  • Thickness
  • Center Match or
    one face only.

These specifications will help us produce the flooring you desire for your home. Come by and visit us or call for an appointment to discuss your flooring project.


Specialty Flooring
Above “DirtyTop ” flooring immediately after installation – this floor will be
sanded to smooth the floor, though not entirely taking out the milling marks and rich patina coloration of the floor.
For something completely
different, consider what we call “Dirty Top” flooring. Also
know as “high patina”, this flooring is made to show as much historic use as possible. We have found that for historic flooring, everything is within 1/8″ of the surface. We call this the patina layer. We barely skim this flooring with our planer, just to level things up and
preserve as much of this rich patina layer as possible. The floor to the left shows
the original circular sawing marks left by a saw from a previous century.
Years of use shows through and adds a richness that is hard to duplicatewith new wood.
For a “rough” floor look, such as for a trophy room or lodge, this type of floor is hard to beat.
specialty product we can provide is wide flooring. We don’t mean 5″
width, we mean 8″ plus sizes. Up to 12″ in width! This wide
flooring can be milled from antique heart pine beams and installed to
make a beautiful, unique, ageless floor.
If you have beams
you want to have milled into flooring, bring them to CGI. We can denail
them, resaw them and mill them into beautiful flooring for you! Or we
can locate beams for you.
are the home of some really unique and high quality flooring! Come by and
visit, see this beautiful flooring and let us help you plan your next hardwood
flooring project.

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