Custom Stair Treads – Step Up to the Real

Hickory stair treads and risers and trim milled by Processingwood.comStair treads to match
your flooring is available from! We can take your beautiful flooring up your stairs to the next level.
We bullnose the leading
edge and can provide the stair treads with no returns, left return only, or right return only, or with both returns. (The return is bringing the bullnose edge down the side of the tread.) We mill them to the thickness you specify.

We can also provide nosing trim that will match up to your tongue and groove flooring for the top step and balcony overhangs.

We can make stair treads out of most species, especially those hard to find woods like 100+ year old Antique Heart Pine. We can also do multi-specie treads such as White Oak with Walnut Bullnose and returns.

Beautiful Heart Pine Stair Treads milled by Processingwood.comRisers can be provided out of the same material.

We also can provide stair trim and handrailings out of the same material as your treads and

Stairs can have many
components, such as treads, risers, bullnose, and others parts. Here is a good explanation of stairs(external
. can make stair components to your specifications. Just send us your requirements and we can provide you a quote. Be sure to include the specie you want your components made out of, especially if matching an existing flooring.

Antique Heart Pine Stair Treads with bullnosing and left hand returnOf course, our ability to match the material to your flooring is another
good reason to purchase your flooring from We can
insure that the best material gets put into stair treads and risers, and
that your flooring flows seamlessly from one floor to the next.

Railings can be matched
as well, along with other stair parts such as trim. We can even do curved

One unique stair tread configuration we have done is multi-specie stairs, such as oak with walnut nosing and returns.

Nosing detail on 100+ year old antique heart pine stairtreadWhat ever your stair configuration, call us for a quote for your project. We will be glad to
provide a detailed quote based on your blueprints.
Antique Heart Pine Stairtreads ready for installation.Stair Treads deserve the best wood! Be sure and familiarize yourself with stair tread parts – especially treads and risers when designing your stairs.
Understanding the different parts of a stair configuration will help you
with your design.

Stair Builders
by T W LoveA great reference
for Stair Builders – Click
here to see more on this book.
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