Antique Wood – the Good Stuff!

We can source Antique
Wood for you. Especially 100+ year old Antique Heart Pine beams.
When this country was settled years ago, vast acreages of virgin timber were cut and used to build the industrial might of America. At that time,
wood was cheaper than steel, and large industrial buildings were built up to 5 stories high with large beams and timbers. Now, many of these vintage buildings are coming down to make way for more modern designs.
Many of these buildings are still sound, and in usable condition, but modern work patterns call for wider spans, and less obstructions in the work place, so these buildings built with this wonderful material are being deconstructed. Fortunately, this wood is being reclaimed into use in modern America, being put into beautiful flooring and mouldings and bringing a historic feel to new and existing homes. The character in this wood is magnificent and provides a wonderful legacy.

Though these beams may look rough and cracked, there is some really beautiful wood on the inside, and we all know “it’s what’s inside that counts!” Right?


This wood comes in all sizes and we know how to handle all forms of this wood. From big beams to decking timbers, we can resaw this special material into beautiful flooring, or take the timbers into trusses or other special projects.

You can see from the picture above the different forms this wood can take and what a variety of character can result from milling this vintage wood. We know how to handle this wood, how to get the best out of it by the way it is milled, how to treat it once it has been resawn, how to mould
it into the beautiful products you see here.

Flooring Blanks

One of our specialties is re-sawing Antique Heart Pine into Flooring Blanks. If you have the capability to plane and mould this material but do not have the time or
the equipment to denail and resaw these big timbers, we will be glad to do this important part of the operation for you.


This material is very dense and can contain a lot of metal. Most shops shy away from the first stages of milling this material. We have the facilities available to handle it and a trained crew to take the metal out with as little damage to the material as possible.

Send your material to us and we will turn it into blanks to meet your specifications.

Antique Wood

Antique Oak is available from some mills in certain parts of the country, and this wood can also be made into some beautiful flooring, paneling, and furniture. Our favorite to work with is Antique Wormy Chestnut, a wonderful wood to mill that is sadly no longer available from America’s forest. Only from deconstruction are we able to have access to this beautiful wood.

We can source these and other antique woods, including 100 year old cypress for you, and take
these woods to your specs. 

We have experience retaining the patina on these woods, and can help you determine how much of this rich surface you want to remain, and how much milling you want to do on these woods.

We are glad to take samples of the wood and do some preliminary milling to help you in the process of deciding what form you will be utilizing this valuable resource in your project.

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